I was talking to my friend Robert at www.draperiesbydesign.org the other day and he reminded me about someone very interesting indeed. So today I’d like to talk about this very someone who I consider to be very important in mankind’s quest for free and rational thought. That someone would be Timothy Leary.

Sure, he’s a little bit more of an eccentric character, having advocated many times over the course of the years the use of psychedelic drugs, but we shouldn’t judge based on something so trivial. Besides, we’re brought up our whole lives being told not to trust things like that, and the perceptions of the people decided to travel that particular path. Why not pay just a little attention to them?

It’s all to easy to laugh at someone because they’ve experimented with some of the more taboo things in life and close yourself off. You see, I’ve always felt that it’s when you least expect it that you learn something really important. Even if it’s just a single little string of words or an idea that sticks with you, it doesn’t matter. The simplest little lesson or nuance can yield so much when viewed under the right light or remembered in the right situation.

That’s why I consider lessons learned while thinking freely to be somewhat of a long term investment. As Tim Leary would say, you have to be able to leave your comfort zone and make yourself feel a little bit uneasy for a while for the truly important lessons to come to light.

He always talked about questioning the authority of those around you. He mentioned the importance of important the governing bodies, the religious authorities, and even the educational system itself. And why not? Should you just gulp down every little sip that’s poured your way or find your own sources of sustenance?

It may not be the easy way out, but being prepared to roll up your sleeves and find the answers to your own questions will certainly make you a better, more interesting and stronger person.

If you aren’t familiar with Timothy Leary and his life’s experiences, check him out.

You might surprise yourself.