Hello again, ladies and gentlemen. Today I’d like to highlight the importance of thinking for yourself, and especially not letting anyone else’s dogma blind you and keep you from evolving as an intellectual and intelligent creature.

Yes, of course one of the things that immediately come to mind is organized religion. Not any one religion in particular either! All of them. 

However, since I am a North American, the religion that gets constantly hammered down my throat is of course Christianity. And boy, what a mess it is here. Like Bill Hicks once said, oh boy. Another deeply engaging philosophical debate with a christian. (Note the sarcastic undertones)

Basically the only real “argument” that is made for the correctness of Christianity above all else is what is called “fear-mongering.” This is best explained through something Blaise Pascal once said.

Blaise Pascal was a French inventor, physicist, mathematician, and Theologian who was born in 1623. He said that nothing was to be gained from not believing in God, and that conversely everything was to be gained from believing. This, he said, is because if God exists, believers go to heaven and non-believers go to hell.

That’s basically the extent of the argument. They scare you from a young age with thoughts of being burned and tortured for all of eternity. If that isn’t brain washing, what is? And that’s the problem with this particular line of thought. There is nothing more to it than scaring the gullible into becoming believers and paying tithes to the churches. Make that money, right? It’s a very efficient and big money business.

Another big problem with this argument is that is doesn’t really indicate which god they are talking about. This means it could be referring to any god that offers punishment to the unbelieving and rewards to its followers. If considered to its full extent, this would mean that believers would be more likely to follow the religion with the “best” heaven and the “worst” hell.

This is the biggest problem with organized religion, in my case of living in North America, it’s the arrogance of the “faithful” that completely deny the viability of all rational thought. It’s just like the witch hunting of old, those who were different and thought differently were ruthlessly hunted down and (in this case) killed.

The modern equivalent is being the target of ridicule and even hatred. Are these people even paying attention to the teachings of Jesus? “Turn the other cheek.” “Love thy neighbor.” Hmm, oh well.

See you next time.